EO4SD-Urban @ World Bank Land & Poverty Conference

Main Atrium at World Bank during Land & Poverty Conference, 2017

Dr. T. Häusler from GAF AG, the Lead for the EO4SD-Urban project presented the European Space Agency (ESA) supported programme at the World Bank Land & Poverty Conference, which took place at Washington DC (USA) on 20-24 March 2017. An overview of the objectives, the product portfolio and the cities collaborating with the project were presented. Additionally, two examples were described on the application of Earth Observation (EO) in support of informal settlement mapping and building height estimation for a specific case on land valuation in Kigali currently being implemented by the Development Economics Research Group (DERG) at the World Bank.

Presentation of EO4SD-Urban Case for Kigali: Application of Building Height data for Land Valuation

Dr. T. Häusler and Dr. S. Gomez from GAF AG also had meetings during the Conference week with key Wold Bank partners who are the main counterparts for the EO4SD-Urban porgrammes. Specifically, these include the teams involved in: the Urban Planning Tanzania project, Advisory Services and Analytics (ASA) Programme for Karachi/Dhaka, Urban Slum Upgrading for Lima and Dhaka, DERG Work on Kigali Land Valuation and Indonesia City Planning Labs Programme. The current status of EO4SD-Urban was discussed as well as the expected time-frame for the provision of the different geo-spatial products intended for a first set of cities, along with updates on the Bank programmes. Further meetings were also held with the Inter-American Development Bank to discuss the next steps for 4 Latin American cities.

S. Gomez, D. Ali (Lead Economist, DERG-World Bank and counterpart for EO4SD-Urabn Kigali case), T. Haeusler enjoying a break at the Conference

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